Electron-Beam Image Simulator for Aberration Corrected TEM/ STEM and Diffractions.

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The most sophisticated Simulation Software for TEM/STEM and Diffractions, BioNet elbis.BioNet elbis

Elbis proposes easy confirmation of your TEM/STEM images and Diffraction patterns by quick simulation.

Simulates high resolution TEM/STEM images with aberration correction

Cluster model defined by elbis.

Simulated TEM image by elbis.

BioNet elbis
Electron Beam Image Simulator

What is elbis?

The elbis is the simulation software for high-resolution imaging of TEM and STEM using the multi-slice method. In recent TEM and STEM, the aberration correction has been established as a common technique and importance of image interpretation is accordingly increasing. Current electron microscope has the resolution easily beyond the one angstrom revealing the details of atomic structures of specimen. To avoid the misunderstanding due to the artifact imaging, the argument should be based on the confirmation that the images have been recorded taking account of the residual aberrations acceptable for the targeted resolution. Elbis provides the image simulation in various optical conditions which should be considered in aberration corrected microscope, with easy operation quickly and reliably.


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Movie of operating elbis

Simulation by setting various conditions easily is now available.
Elbis leads electron-microscopist to
the discovery of structures of nanometer-size materials.

Movie shows simulation by elbis.


  • 3D Viewer shows a structure of a crystal.
  • Example of TEM image simulation using GPU.
  • Example of STEM image simulation using GPU, etc.
  • *As for explaining elbis operation, please use caption.

Three Utmost Features BioNet elbis has

1BioNet elbis-with-GPU
realizes the fastest TEM/STEM
Image simulation in the world.

Elbis-with-GPU does the parallel calculation using GPU.
So, as for FFT, calculation is 20 times faster than ordinal ones done by CPU. And as for TCC calculation, considering all dimensional aberration, 100 to 500 times faster than ones by CPU. It provides a quite pleasant environment for you when you are operating TEM and simulation software simultaneously for the confirmation.

Comparing CPU with GPU calculation time
(including all aberrations up to 6-fold astigmatism)

Comparing CPU with GPU calculation time

Comparing ordinal CPU, elbis-with-GPU shows powerful performance in calculating residual aberrations of TEM/STEM.

2Bio molecule like virus or protein
is also available for simulation
within a minute or so.

As for image oriented discussion given by the ultimate resolution TEM with aberration correction, the confirmation that there is no artifact which is caused by residual aberrations is most important.
BioNet elbis can calculate considering those optical conditions including aberration correction. So it provides you the structural analysis of atomic level molecules. The fastest engine, elbis-with-GPU can easily calculate virus or protein in several 10 seconds or in a few minutes.

Simulated TEM image of biological specimen

Simulated TEM image of biological specimen

Simulated images of Hemoglobin and Virus(RDV). Compositions of them are down-loaded from Protein Data Bank.

3BionNet elbis simulates
both FEI and JEOL TEM
with hexa-pole aberration corrector
regarding each electron-beam
intensity and ronchigram.

Simulation of probe forming intensity and Ronchigram

Simulates the effect of residual aberrations.

Simulates the effect of residual aberrations.
([2,3,4,5,6] dimension aberration, 2nd coma, star,3rd -lobe, 4th coma)

Status transaction of aberration correction

Status transaction of aberration correction
(D50=0.04nm) Cs=0.001mm, df=-0.7nm

Propagation of electron wave within a crystal

Propagation of electron wave within a crystal (Liv204 [110] at 300kv, aberration correction STEM) is
simulated considering electron-optics and crystallography.

Simulation Examples & Specifications

Easy operation

Appearance of TEM dialog‐box

As for ordinal crystals, TEM image simulation is done instantaneously. After simulation, electro-optical conditions can be changed through dialog-box. If you change those conditions as defocus or aberration values by mouse-wheel, image changes automatically.

試料h-Nb2O5 [010] at 300kV
specimen : h-Nb2O5 [010] at 300kV

Appearance of STEM dialog-box(Li2V2O4 [110] at 300kV)

STEM image simulation is done by defining super-cell-data using 3D-model dialog-box. STEM conditions as detector-style, scan area, scan width, etc. are changed with dialog-box.*1

*1 . The effect by the thermal diffuse scattering of STEM is calculated by convolution between imaginary potential and beam.



Calculated CBD(Si [111] 50 nm at 30kV)

CBD simulation is done by defining super-cell-data using 3D-model dialog-box. HOLZ lines are appeared on the CBD disk.*2

*2. The effect by the thermal diffuse scattering of CBD is calculated by monte-carlo iteration method as the frozen phonon.

monte-carlo method

Packages and Specifications

Product name BN-130520EIS (ordinal-CPU version) BN-140520EIS (elbis-with-GPU)
  • Defines crystal, supercell, cluster and 3D display.
  • Calculates electron diffraction and display it.
  • Calculates CBD and display it.
  • Calculates TEM/STEM image and display it. (Calculates with the residual aberrations)
  • Simulation of Macromolecule as protein is possible.
  • Elbis-with-GPU does the most optimized calculation using GPU.

Software package is composed with CD (elbis) and software license key(USB)

Both Desktop-type and Note PC are available.

Operating environment

OS Windows 7/8/10 (BN-130520EIS : 32/64bit OS) (BN-140520EIS : 64bit OS only)
  • At least 4 GB main memory is necessary, 16 GB is preferable.
  • More than 14 inches monitor is preferable.
  • Elbis-with-GPU uses GPU card its version more than Compute Capability3(NVIDIA Corp.) is necessary.*3

*3 As for PC and GPU card, we will change software for the latest hardware technology, so please contact us before purchasing elbis.

Contact and Purchase

BioNet elbis is our own product.

Please contact us to get more information or a quotation.
Our mail address is info@bio-net.co.jp.

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